Great Lakes Retirement Solutions Inc. is a Fee Only Registered Investment Adviser firm that takes a proactive approach to planning both during the accumulation phase of life while you are working hard, and throughout the traditional retirement or distribution phase.  

We primarily assist individuals and small business owners in maximizing their tax-deferred and tax free investment vehicles while planning for retirement.  We also proactively look at how taxes and inflation will affect your social security income during retirement and help you to consider the impact of distributions from Qualified plans.

Many times this involves a hands-on approach which involves detailed knowledge of IRS regulations.

While many investors may like to "do it themselves" throughout some of their lifetime, we find that the type of clients that work with us frequently appreciate our on-going "Coaching Process" where they are invited to learn in groups and one on one.  

We utilize Nobel Prize Winning strategies for portfolio management and design.  This helps clients accumulate wealth from multiple asset categories that many were missing to begin with.  It also helps them achieve true peace of mind about investing because they realize where returns come from!

If you are interested in a FREE consultation, please call to set it up.  (989) 401-2949